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Karnataka State Wakf Council
With a view to provide Grant in Aid to the Wakf Institutions, for their economic development and to become self reliant, Government in their order dated: 27.03.1992 accorded sanction to promulgate the Rules for sanction of advance by the KSWC. The salient features of the scheme are as under:- 
  1. Government in their order dated: 24.09.1996 constituted the Karnataka State Wakf Council comprising of 11 Members (Hon’ble Minister for Wakf  as Chairman, Six  Non Officials and Four Officers as Members) for a period of  three years.
  2. Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary to Government to the Department of Minority Welfare as Member Secretary.
The council may grant advance to the Muthawalli of a Wakf for the purpose of development of Wakf  properties.
Scheme for development of Wakf properties providing loan to construct Shopping complex, Hostels and Shadimahals:-
  1. 75% of the estimated cost of the project subject to a maximum of   Rs. 50,00,000/-.
  2. The Wakf Development Committee of the Council shall examine the proposals and recommend the viable projects to the chairman for approval.
  3. On approval of scheme the Chairman may advance in lump sum are in installment.
  4. The advance shall be repayable to the Council in Half yearly installments, covering a period of 5-10 years falling due on the completion of two years after the date of release of advance.
  5. The grantee shall pay the Welfare cess not exceeding 5% per annum of the amount of advance outstanding.
  6. The Chairman may grant such moratorium with the payment of Welfare cess.
  7. The KSWC with the approval of State Government may constitute a project Development Committee to control and supervise the utilization of the advance.  The project development Committee shall ordinarily consist of the following:-

    (a). A nominee of the Wakf Board.
    (b). A prominent Muslim of the locality.
    (c).  Muthuwalli of the Wakf concerned.
    (d). One Engineer expert in the field of Engineering.
    (e). Tahasildar of the Taluk, under who’s Jurisdiction the Wakf Institution is situated.

  8. To ensure proper utilization of the income from the developed Wakf properties the Muthuwalli shall prepare a scheme and get the approval of the Council.
  9. The council may further sanction up to 10% of the additional income.
  10. The Welfare cess of 5% received by the Council shall be pooled together and given for repairs, renovation of Mosques, fencing of burial grounds etc...  
  11. The amount received by the Council as repayment of installments of advance shall form a revolving fund and utilized for the development of other Wakf properties.